Browser, filter and upload ready BIM objects

BIM technology for medical industry


Benefit from ready mades rooms scenes for medical industry

BIM technology for medical industry


Working with BIM technology is easier than you think

BIM technology for medical industry


Thanks to our solutions, reduce working time on a product


Browse, filter and upload ready - made BIM objects into your project. All the components are fully compatible with Autodesk Revit software.


Use all set room scenes and modules for medical industry. Reduce working time on a product. Import entire sets of medical equipment.


Check how easy can it be to work in BIM environment with our services. We are providing BIM consulting, implementation, templates, scripts, EIR & BEP documents and coordination assistance.

Design more effective with bim4med app

Get the access to expanded BIM objects library for medical industry

Design by usage of ready-made 3D scenes

Filter und sort BIM objects according to specialised parameters

Trusted us

We have been specialising in BIM technology implementation for many years.

successfully completed projects

As a group of specialists, we are successfully helping in execution of projects with usage of BIM technology. We are conducting diversed project around Europe.

satisfied customers

Satisfaction of cooperative actions with our clients is for us the biggest priority. We are doing our best to provide the highest quality of services.

years of experience

We have been implementing and developing our knowledge of modern technologies in building industry. We are making effort to share experience and skills with our clients.

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