Public involvement is the key to Europe’s green transformation

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Public involvement is the key to Europe’s green transformation

Scope of work Report Design

Scope of Work Report Design

The European Green Deal is the flagship initiative of the European Commission, which aims to set the EU on the path to a green transition, with the ultimate goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2050.
Huge amounts of EU funding have recently become available through the EU budget, the EUR 806 billion NextGenerationEU recovery fund package and and additional EUR 20 billion of new REPowerEU grants. However, investment decisions are increasingly being made behind closed doors.  

The 95-page report, collaboratively written by a team of 15 authors and researchers in the frame of the Citizens Observatory for Green Deal Financing project. It underscored the critical role of public involvement in shaping the European Union's green recovery agenda.
We brainstormed concepts that would visually capture the essence of citizen involvement, green transformation, and the interconnectedness of these themes with the EU recovery funds.
Creating a design mockup involved the exploration of color schemes, typography choices, and layout structures. We aimed for a design that provides the highest level of readability.|

Typography was designed to enhance readability and a harmonious aesthetic. An eco-friendly color palette and a set of custom icons represent key concepts. Layouts were designed to break down the information into digestible sections, making the report easy to navigate through.

Creative Direction: Magda Paszewska

Design: Magdalena Wilicka, Magdalena Lauk

Presentation Design: Csilla-Cristina Spinochi

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