Defending white collars

Highly bespoke brand identity for relationship lawyers

Defending white collars

Scope of work Content Strategy, UX / UI Design, Website Development

Scope of Work Brand Identity, Website

The popular image of criminal law is often associated with handcuffs, conflict, and physical violence. Our client, a criminal defense attorney specializing in white-collar defense, decided to challenge the status quo.
We began with a content strategy that placed a strong emphasis on providing an immersive experience, drawing from her 20 years of practice in the field of criminal law. The storyline was based on showcasing her extensive knowledge and expertise within the legal process. We highlighted the lawyer's results-driven approach, her legal publications, interviews, and articles. The goal was to present a large amount of content without overwhelming users.

"A team understood my vision and proposed a solution that strikes a balance between the effectiveness required in the criminal law profession and a sophisticated, elegant style." dr Katarzyna Gajowniczek
When working on the brand identity across the website, we aimed to strike a balance between feminine elegance and the popular perception of criminal law as being related to vicious and cold-blooded matters. We believed that achieving this perfect balance was key to building an outstanding brand identity.
To accomplish this goal, we created a sophisticated collage illustration style that reflects the lawyer's supportive approach throughout the entire legal process. We opted for a muted color palette and classic typography to convey premium quality, trustworthiness, and a unique brand character.

Creative Direction & UX / UI Design: Magda Paszewska

Development: Sylwia Jablonska

Presentation Design: Csilla-Cristina Spinochi

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Our works

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